eggs florentine-ish

I could never be a vegan, because eggs and cheese are like family to me. Well, family I keep at a distance and only allow mostly weekend visitation rights. Then, afterward, I always feel like I need to gym it extra long and hard so they don’t have TOO much influence on the rest of my life. It’s a dysfunctional family.

There’s this cheese shop in the East Village that has the most dirt cheap deals in the universe. They seriously have wheels of brie for $0.99. I WILL buy stock in the company if they ever decide to go public. A couple of weeks ago, I bought Camembert, a french soft cheese that is SO buttery and indulgent, for $1.99. SICK. I hope they treat their cheese importers okay to get deals like that. Maybe they have good benefits to make up for their poverty line salaries? Let’s hope.

I knew I wanted to have a piece of Camembert with brunch today, so I built my meal around that. Considering my professed love for spinach, I decided eggs florentine was my best bet. I started by sauteeing frozen spinach with yellow onions, which you see below:



I would have made hollandaise sauce, because it’s, like, obscenely easy to make. It’s just a mixture of butter, egg yolks, and lemon juice, but sadly we have no lemon juice on hand. It’s shameful. Instead, I found this recipe for Mornay sauce by Emeril, which I figured would be a decent substitute. It’s just butter, flour, and milk, which you simmer and whisk until it thickens into a substantial sauce. Mine came out kinda chunky and probs thicker than it should have been, and it tasted a little more like gravy from Cracker Barrel than I’m sure Emeril intended.



Ah well, it WAS my first time.

Meanwhile, I poached my eggie, and melted the famed Camembert on a biscuit in the toaster oven at 350 degrees for 5 minutes. I spread the Mornay sauce on the cheese-less side of the biscuit, and threw the sauteed spinach and onions on top of the cheese. I added the egg on top of my little spinach bed (how romantic), and served alongside some instant grits which I DOUSED with red pepper flakes. Tada!

eggs florentine! ish

eggs florentine! ish


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