love in a salad.

My friends and I were talking about what we would each turn into should that whole “you are what you eat” thing turn out to be true. You just never know, so it’s nice to be prepared. One of my friends said she would be an egg sandwich (delicious), and the other decided she would probably be pizza margherita (equally delicious). When it came time for me to name my new identity, I hesitated because I love variety. And, as fond as I am of Rice Krispee Treats, I limit my intake to like two a season. Then, I realized approx 95% of my diet is spinach salads, so I told them that’s what I would turn into. They decided I was, like, intolerably boring, so I had no choice but to feign an affinity for grilled cheese. I couldn’t handle the collective judgment in their eyes.

In private, I still enjoy spinach salads 3-5 times a week. I mix up the toppings to keep it interesting, but it’s usually just a variation of the same fruit, cheese, and nuts combo. Yesterday, though, I made arguably the most adventurous salad of all time with dried chili-spiced mangoes, grilled paprika spiced polenta (SAME tube from huevos rancheros fame), grilled zucchini, toasted cashews, oil and vinegar. It was irrefutably GOURMET. Suck it, egg sandwich and pizza margherita.

As I was finishing off the deliciousness, I came across the most unbelievable thing: a spinach leaf shaped like a HEART! Por moi, Saint Valentine?

one love

one love


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