fish salad.

I’m going home to Florida in a couple of days for nearly a week (suck it, Winter), so I decided to forgo grocery shopping today. “I can live off of bread crumbs and half-rotten arugula for the time being,” I thought, planning to pan fry my two ingredients into some crunchy lettuce I could eat for the next nine meals. I scanned my freezer in the name of variety, and came up victorious with Tilapia fillet in hand. I had forgotten about the extra fillet I deemed too much for my fish tacos, and now it was swooping in to tell malnutrition where to shove it. How sweet.

Rather than fall back on the tired fish tacos, I decided to make a taco salad of sorts. I had habanero lime tortilla wraps on hand, which I cut into triangles and brushed with olive oil and salt. I then baked them in the toaster oven at 375 degrees for about 5 minutes on each side.

habanero lime tortilla chips

habanero lime tortilla chips

Meanwhile, I marinated my defrosted fish in about half a cup of lime juice, two teaspoons of cilantro, and probably three teaspoons of cayenne pepper. Spicy? Yes, please. I let it marinade for 30 minutes while I watched a little “My Girl” on TV. After Macaulay Culkin’s bee-sting incident (hello, depressing), it was time to bake my fish in an aluminum foil pocket like so:

Tilapia, getting baked

Tilapia, getting baked

I tossed the fish in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes, and then cooked up the rest of my salad. I drained and rinsed a can of black beans, which I threw in a pan with some frozen corn and about half a red onion. Since it was a nonstick pan, I just cooked the ingredients in some lime juice and called it a day.

Twenty minutes had come and gone at this point, so my fish emerged looking delicioso:

Baked Tilapia

Baked Tilapia

I layered the chips with my black bean, corn and red onion mix, topped with about half of my fillet, some sliced avocado, and a healthy serving of chipotle salsa. The fish was cooked perfectly (seriously, that aluminum pocket deal is FOOL-proof), and everything else was flavorful and (at least to me) the right amount of spicy. See? Malnutrition is overrated.

Tilapia taco salad

Tilapia taco salad


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