ahi tuna steaks and fondue.

Please excuse my brief absence from all things blog, as I was super busy being a useless sack in Florida. Well, I’m talking myself up a little. I have a little thing called “creative license” and I do relish in it. I DID perfect my ass imprint on our leather couch, and I think we can all agree that’s exactly what the family room was missing.

My dad made a tremendous (to put it lightly) dinner the first night, although there’s nothing new there. We’re all well under 5’7″, yet we eat like the Windsor family on holiday. Highlights include the sauteed asparagus to your immediate right:

sparrow's grass

sparrow's grass

He prepared it with both olive oil AND butter, which Anthony Bourdain in “Kitchen Confidential” says is super common for chefs to do. Well, you’re not born knowing these things. I’ve been choosing one or the other like a moron for MONTHS, never knowing that the two could make such sweet, beautiful music once they awkwardly bumped uglies in the pan. No more, my friend.

The star of the meal was the Ahi tuna steaks, though. I maintain that, when seared, one of those steaks is fierce competition for one the Seven Wonders of the World. The Great Wall of China should sleep with one eye open. See below for the tuna mid-sear:



Luckily, I took a few breaks from my ass-imprint-perfecting (though I was dedicated to the cause) to run around the lake during my time at home. It’s a three mile endeavor, and I ran it three times while home. With 9 miles under my belt, I EARNED my dessert of dark chocolate fondue. My dad served said fondue with an array of strawberries, apples and bananas. See below for my chocolate coated strawberry, right before I assassinated it via my teeth and tongue and such. Oh how I love Asian/French fusion:

straw meets its 'due

straw meets its 'due


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