soup and sandwich.

I spent a decent amount of time touting the brilliance of the Panini Press recently, and then I packed it away for, like, weeks. It wasn’t very gracious of me. Is that how I treat objects that were created simply to delight and ask for nothing in return?!

I guess it is. I’m greedy :(.

Luckily, my Press isn’t one to hold a grudge, and so it rose to my panini craving occasion last night. How sweet. I’ve been on a continuous soup high (stop judging me) since the success of my butternut squash, so I decided to make potato leek soup. I had a half dozen of leftover red potatoes, so I just bought a couple of leeks and some veggie broth. DONE. Well, basically.

I sauteed a couple of cloves of minced garlic with butter, two chopped leeks, and my peeled and chopped potatoes. They aren’t super scenic, but have a look down below:

pre-soup ingredients

pre-soup ingredients

They sauteed for about 10-15 minutes until they turned into a bunch of softies, and then I pureed them with my handheld mixer. Then, I threw that mix back into the pot and added a few cups of veggie stock. How easy is THAT?

On the side, I was to make spinach, apple and brie paninis. Mostly because I’m fancy, but also because I got $0.99 brie slices at the cheese shop and that’s just so very recession friendly. I cut up a loaf of ciabatta and drizzled each piece with olive oil, and then toasted each slice for 3 to 4 minutes. Then, I added sliced gala apples (fn delicious), honey, spinach leaves, brie, salt and pepper. Before pressed, it looked like this:

pre-pressed panini

pre-pressed panini

Don’t you wish you lived in some kind of alternate post-industrial universe in which that panini was the answer to re-population? No? I’m the only one? Ha, it was a joke…..

Moving on, I pressed that lovely panini while stirring my soup occasionally until mixed. The soup turned out pretty good, although the color is a little disconcerting. I think I can blame its hue on the combo of the red potatoes and the veggie broth. The panini though? The brie was melty, the apples crunchy, and the spinach got just the right amount of wilty. No complaints. See below:

potato leek soup and a brie, apple and spinach panini

potato leek soup and a brie, apple and spinach panini

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