stir fry.

I come from Cracker Barrel loving people, and I’m not ashamed of it. Growing up, the five of us went on road trips to visit the extended fam in Memphis, so we’re talking 17+ hours in a cramped sedan with nothing but Raffi tapes and that “A my name is Alice” game to pass the time. Cracker Barrel provided reprieve with their delicious buttery cornbread and array of overtly tacky gift shop toys. Also, they have lavender-scented soap in the bathrooms. How fucking QUAINT is that? For a chain? Come on. So very quaint.

My sister and I went to our old road trip stomping grounds a couple of times in college, most notably during Passover. We would both order the Country Vegetable Platter, but we refused the complimentary muffins and cornbread to do Moses proud. The waitress was all, “Are you sure? Sticking to your diets? Good for you!” Let it be known that I would NEVER turn against carbs for a diet, but I do banish them in the name of Passover.

That said, Passover starts tomorrow night. I did my weekly TJ’s love fest with that in mind, so I planned to make a stir fry which I would serve with no grains involved. I started by cutting up half a package of tofu and pan frying it in olive oil. Once those started to get all golden and gorgeous, I added a package of frozen Asian style veggies. I had zucchini left over also, so I added that to the mix. See below:

veggie stir frying

veggie stir frying

As that was stir frying, I realized I had a couple of days before the carb-shunning begins, so I made a pot of wild rice. Ohh wild rice 😦 I’ll miss you, dear friend. It bears repeating that I would never willingly cut out carbs. Honestly, I’d sooner sell my internal organs on the black market rather than cut out all things yeasty. Post April 16, it is ON. In the meantime, there she is:

wild thing

wild thing

I tossed the tofu and veggies with TJ’s spicy chili sauce, and then I served it atop the wild rice. Easiest meal ever, and it’s totally Passover-compliant if I leave out the rice. Meanwhile, I felt the need to eat as many carbs as I could the weekend (read: beer and bloody marys), so I was feeling a little lardy come Monday. Since I like to go down swinging, I went to the gym before work and ran three miles. I just had to brag about that. Anyways, see below for my stir fry:
veggie and tofu stir fry


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