tuna & green beans amandine.

When I first realized it was Passover, I held an impromptu vigil for my Panini Press. If ever there was a week when the Press would be dead to me, it would be Passover, right? Who needs to press matzo, like, ever? That’s like freezing a Rice Krispee Treat. NO ONE wants that. Plus, it’s senseless because matzo is nothing if not crunchy, rendering the Press pointless. I just can’t have that.

In the name of Press preservation, I found a use for it not two days into Passover. My favorite multitasker has always been a decent indoor grill, so I decided to let the Ahi-tuna-I-got-for-like-$3-at-Trader-Joe’s meet its acquaintance. I rubbed the steak with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon pepper, and LOTS of cayenne pepper, and then laid it atop the grill. Those two hit it off immediately:

tuna meets grill

tuna meets grill

I knew they would. I have an eye for these things. As the first side cooked for about 5 minutes, I started making my green beans amandine. I always wing it with these beans, so every time I make them they come out a little different. This time I sauteed the beans with butter and lemon juice for about 5 minutes, and then I added some salt and slivered almonds. Meanwhile, I flipped the tuna over for 5 minutes on the other side, and then continued to cook the beans for another 5 minutes. They looked like this:

haricots verts

haricots verts

In sweaty news, I’ve felt the need to hit the gym extra hard since I started using matzo as a gateway nosh to consume pounds of peanut butter and Nutella. Along with my weekday A.M. workouts, I hit the gym Saturday for an hour-long elliptical..jog? I’m not sure how to classify that bouncy thing I do on there, but it WORKS. I woke up this morning with soreness in, like, my delts or something. When one works out as often as I do, being sore is a rarity. I was THRILLED that it was painful doing the cybex today. Seriously, I almost stopped like four times. Then again, that could be attributed to the fact that Sunday morning programming is LAME. The various TVs around me offered nothing more than fitness infomercials, newsy stuff, and VH1’s Tough Love. I suffered through 45 minutes of the latter. I deserve a medal.

Anyways, see below for my Ahi tuna steak and green beans amandine, which I served with homemade honey mustard. The tuna was deliciously spicy, and the amandine was probably my best yet. Passover food done right:

ahi tuna and green beans amandine

ahi tuna and green beans amandine


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