warm vegetable salad.

Lately, I’ve been the exact opposite of creative with the sweaty side of this thing. I’ve been mainstream. Damn near Middle America. Basically, I let my sweaty half atrophy, and the spicy had to get all Cirque du Soleil to compensate. I fell into a sweaty rotation of treadmill/elliptical/cybex, and I realize how very little that interests anyone.

First up in the name of sweaty variety? Beach body, a class my gym claims will help train a different muscle group each week until people start mistaking me for Edyta.



It’s really only a matter of time. I had every intention of going tonight, but felt overwhelmingly “meh” about trekking all the way to the Upper West Side location of my gym. I fell back on my old standby, hip hop Mondays. I was a regular on Mondays for the longest time, but I rarely enjoyed myself because that class attracts the most aggressive crowd in LIFE. The group that goes Wednesdays is more my style, so I decided to stop the Monday madness months ago. Fortunately, the aggression level was only moderate tonight, so I enjoyed myself. Also, TWO of my classmates are now huge and preggers. That’s nothing short of delightful.

Once I got home, I set to work on a warm vegetable salad that I KNEW would be nothing short of life altering. I chopped asparagus, Roma tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, and red onions, and then I tossed them in a little olive oil. I added a couple of cloves of minced garlic along with some salt and pepper, and then I laid them down in a little pan like so:

pre-baked veggies

pre-baked veggies

I housed my veggies in aluminum foil, and then I tossed them in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Then, I cut a piece of ciabatta bread and toasted it. I KNOW 😦 It’s still very much Passover, and I’m all yeasting it up over here. In my defense, I had a college friend come to town this weekend, and we met up at a Mexican place for equal parts reminiscing and sangria consuming. Try as I might, my willpower is no match for chips and guacamole, and so I betrayed Moses. I’d feel like a fraud denying delicious bread when chips are getting the go-ahead, so I let down all my walls of defense.

the inspiration

In other news, I found this amazing champagne pear vinaigrette at Trader Joe’s, so I basically planned my meal around it. I tried it yesterday with part two of my tuna and green beans meal, and it was soo succulent. Can I use that word when describing a sauce? I’m going to go with YES.

After 20 minutes passed, I took the top off my aluminum foil and let it bake uncovered for 5 minutes. Once that was done, I served myself a little and drizzled it with the champagne pear vinaigrette. In a word? Life-altering. The vegetables were cooked like midway between raw and flaccid, which I’m pretty sure is how they’re intended to be consumed. Also, I can’t imagine a better vehicle for mopping up the vinaigrette than that crunchy ciabatta. I’d like to think Moses would forgive. See below:

warm asparagus, tomato, mushroom and red onion salad

warm asparagus, tomato, mushroom and red onion salad


1 Response to “warm vegetable salad.”

  1. 1 1izzieg1o
    April 16, 2009 at 4:26 am

    Okay- I have bone to pick with you woman! The whole cybex/ elliptical thing is interesting to people… well maybe only in the context of my affair, but whateva! 🙂 Too aggressive? Shall I join Monday night hip hop? 😉

    Secondly- if Moses can forgive my lack of attentiveness to Pesach, he can forgive you too! After all, my first seder consisted of pasta at CPK.


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