May flowers.

We were supposed to have, like, torrential downpours all weekend. I saw the forecast and was BEYOND annoyed at first, because I was under the impression that it was to be May Flowers. Then, my friend Naomi and I decided to beat the system and spend Saturday at the Planetarium in the Museum of Natural History. Best rainy day plan ever, right? Right?!??! After brunch, though, the weather surprised us by being all gorgeous and sunny and just damn pleasant. At first we were thrown and considered changing the entire day’s plan, but then we decided it would be best to walk to the museum (on the UWS) from 30th and Lexington.

We walked through the park, and it was like Pretty Overload. Seriously, look at the flowers outside the Apple store:

May flowers

May flowers

Aren’t they almost unnaturally pretty? Don’t you want to talk shit behind their backs and spread rumors and not tell them when they have food in their teeth? No? Just me? Weird…

By the time we got to the museum, we were shaky hungry. We came upon the cafe on the lower level, and bought the most delicious Rice Krispies treats I’ve had in MONTHS. First of all, they had red, white and blue star-shaped sprinkles, which made me feel patriotic as hell. Then, they were shaped like balls and called “Space Rocks.” Best treat EVER.

Also, the Space Show at the Planetarium was great. Robert Redford narrated, and now I have a majorly inappropriate old man crush on him. Not as inappropriate as the one I have for Dick Van Dyke (who’s like 95 now), but socially unacceptable nonetheless. In my defense, he said “Big Bang” FAR too much.

After the museum, we walked alllll the way east to her friend’s Kentucky Derby party on 81st and York. So, if anyone’s keeping track, I walked at least 5 miles on Saturday AND went to the gym. That concludes the sweaty portion.

As for my weekend eating, I finally made it back down to Caracas today for the arepas that put mine to shame. My friends and I split an order of the Yoyos, which is fried sweet plantains stuffed with white cheese. Amaaazing. Then, we went to Birdbath Bakery and split a cookie that was approx the size of my head. And I have a sizable head.

I planned to punish myself for that no-holds-barred lunch with a teeny salad dinner, but it didn’t really work out that way. I started with spinach leaves, added half an avocado, some Roma tomatoes, marinated mozzarella cheese, and oil and vinegar. I don’t usually show off my salads, but I thought this one was kind of special. See below:




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