My pain tolerance is beyond weak. Massages are mostly torture for me, and I’m uncomfortable if it dips below 75 degrees. That being said, I’m still trying to figure out how I can down sooo much cayenne pepper in one sitting and be all, “well that was flavorful and not at all unpleasant.” I can handle spice like no other. It really doesn’t make sense.

I made spicy ceviche for the first time tonight. I’ve always been kind of terrified of cold soup, but I think the absence of broth makes it way more salad-y than soup-y. And I basically invented salads, so this speaks to me. This morning, I started the process by marinating a fillet of red snapper and some pre-cooked shrimp in the juice of four limes. I left my seafood to soak in the refrigerator  while I ran off the tend to my other love, the gym. I ran the standard couple of miles and did some arms and back strength training, and then I actually managed to do ab work. I kind of loathe crunches, so that was a feat.

Meanwhile, my snapper was all cooking away in the limes’ acidity. When I got home from work, I rounded up the rest of my ceviche fillers. I started with a red onion and a yellow bell pepper:



Both are equal parts colorful and crunchy, right? And they definitely don’t skimp on the flavor which I appreciate. When all was said and done, I added about half of each, and then cut up half an avocado, a few roma tomatoes, and a fair amount of cilantro. Then, I drained my fish and shrimp and diced up my fish, and finally tossed the whole thing together. I added olive oil, salt, pepper, and my beloved cayenne pepper, and it was good to go.

I’m always proud of my dinners, but this time I was pretty much an obnoxious stage mom. Usually, I serve almost everything with some form of salsa, chutney, or sauce (I’m a life-long dipper), but this time I ate it in its most pure, undressed state. It was just that good. See below:

spicy ceviche

spicy ceviche


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