lettuce wraps.

Okay, so I kind of let myself go. I let more than a week go without a blog of any sort. WHAT OF IT?!?!

Overreaction? Maybe.  To be fair to me, I was cooking and sweating like usual all last week. At times, I even sweat WHILE I cooked. I’m a pretty great multitasker.

Early last week, I decided to make use of my ceviche-reject shrimp with some delicious lettuce wraps. I wanted sweet and spicy (imagine that), so I decided to be heavy-handed with the brown sugar and cayenne pepper. I started by cooking the shrimp in a little olive oil with some sliced portabella mushrooms, shallots, and cashews. I have to have my sauce, so on the side I dissolved brown sugar in about a quarter cup of rice wine vinegar. I brought the mix to a boil, and then turned it off to let it thicken upon standing. Meanwhile, I added a fair amount of cayenne pepper to my shrimp mixture. It looked like this:

sweet and sour shrimp

sweet and sour shrimp

Aren’t they lovely and not all “cockroach of the sea”-like? I think so. Then again, I’m a little biased. I swathed my shrimps in romaine lettuce beds, and then poured my sauce allllll over that shiz. See below for the final picture.

Last week’s sweaty side was pretty vanilla, honestly. I relied pretty heavily on my treadmill to keep things interesting, and it really only has incline and speed to offer me. I did my thing where I continually increase speed and intervals to kick up intensity, though. I was mostly out of commission in the quad department come Thursday, so I was doing something right. Right? I’m still nowhere near being able to wear shiny satin short shorts without shame, and that’s the ultimate goal. Obviously.

It’s important to have goals.

Anyways, see below for my lettuce wraps! I ate them in the open, because what do they have to hide?:

shrimp lettuce wraps

shrimp lettuce wraps


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