black bean & tofu burger, buns of steel.

Ok, so I’m neglectful. It’s not like I haven’t been sweating and spicing everything in sight, because I really have.  Just yesterday, I cybexed it for 45 minutes and then made myself an egg and cheese sandwich with cayenne pepper and salsa verde. I’m on limited funds. I can’t be bothered to recount everything workout or food related from the last two blogless weeks, so I’ll just give the highlights.

To start, I manned up and tried that terrifying Stair Master on Crack machine. I think that’s its official name. Just LOOK at it: stairmaster on crack

Aren’t you scared shitless? I think that’s its intent. A couple of weeks ago, I just decided to go for it. Now I’m a seasoned vet, but I’m still not sure if I’m a fan. One thing it does, without question, is make you a LOT more connected to what’s going on. I tend to zone out mid-workout, but this machine, like, refuses to be ignored. You have to be totally connected to the stepping or one’s toes suffer. I learned the hard way.

At some point in the last couple of weeks, I made this delicious pizza. I really struggled with the crust this time, because I ran out of flour and just kind of assumed the dough didn’t really need it. Yeah, not so much. Dough and flour is a necessary union. I topped it with zucchini, roma tomatoes, spinach, marinated mozzarella ($1.99 at the cheese shop) olive oil and red pepper flakes. It looked like this:



And it tasted like magic. That’s the most accurate way to describe that.

Also worth noting, I just moved into a fourth floor walk-up in the East Village. This is brilliant for several reasons, the first being I WILL have buns of steel in like a month. Possibly less time. You can count on that. Even though I’m literally surrounded by every amazing restaurant ever, I’m still motivated to cook because my new kitchen looks a little something like this:



What’s that, Barefoot Contessa? You’re jealous of ME? I’m flattered. You’re not even getting the full picture, though. Stage left houses a washer/dryer, and there’s a real live kitchen table. It’s incredible.

Tonight, I made some black bean & tofu burgers by mashing together the two, and then adding an egg (binding), bread crumbs (more binding), and lots of cayenne pepper (spicing). I pan fried the patties in some olive oil for about five minutes on each side, and then I served them in a pita with a slice of gouda cheese ($0.99, cheese shop. HOW do they do that?) On the side, I roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach in the toaster oven with a little olive oil. I ate it all with some homemade honey mustard on the side. Soo good. See below:

black bean & tofu burger with roasted veggies

black bean & tofu burger with roasted veggies


3 Responses to “black bean & tofu burger, buns of steel.”

  1. 1 djdjd04
    September 21, 2009 at 5:30 am

    I call it “The Evil Escalator”….

  2. 2 Sarah Oswald
    March 10, 2012 at 4:02 am

    Absolutely the best bean and tofu patty I have ever had, probably the best veggie burger I’ve ever had and super easy toile and adapt with different spices. Thank you!!

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