spicy sunday brunch.

I bought one of my go-tos, the eggplant, last week. I usually have meals in mind when I take on Trader Joe’s, but this time I was all, “we’ll figure something out.” And it was me and my eggplant against the world. The black bean and tofu burgers lasted MUCH longer than I thought they would (read: 5 meals long), and come Friday I was coerced to Caracas. Not that I really needed much convincing. La Mulata arepa and Guasacaca with plantain chips? Yes, please. There is no better way to end the week.

Anyways, I never got around to my eggplant but at all last week. It sat in my refrigerator drawer all neglected up until today, when I finally realized it was now or never. I went to the gym first thing this morning (read: noonish) and cybexed my heart out. Honestly, I lasted an hour on that machine, and there was really nothing to watch but the Poor Man’s Project Runway on Bravo. I just could not get into that. Luckily, the tranny next to me provided great motivation with her defined arms and impressive stamina. I followed up my awkward bouncy cardio (oh, cybex) with some arm and back strength training. I felt totally inferior next to that tranny. I finally exhausted myself and left for the reprieve only my cheese shop can provide.

cheese, please

cheese, please

I’m toe-ing the poverty line these days, so the $0.99 spreadable brie on special did not go unnoticed. I found myself drawn to this caraway havarti, though, and I can’t ignore those feelings. It set me back a whole $1.79, which I’m good for even in the worst of times. Havarti has a really unique taste to begin with, but this kind has cumin, like, embedded in it. Aren’t the Danish crafty? I would never have thought to throw cumin up in there.

I had PLANS for this. I went home and chopped up the “business end” of the eggplant, if you will, and sauteed it in some butter. Sidebar: I should probably stop using this weird light butter I bought at TJ’s. It really doesn’t prevent things from sticking but at all, and I keep near burning eveything. It’s starting to make me look bad. Anyways, I cracked two eggs and separated the whites, and tossed just the whites in a skillet. While the whites started to firm up, I added chopped spinach, some havarti, and the sauteed eggplant. I folded it over, like so, and served it alongside sriracha (hellooo spicy ;)) and salsa verde. Soo tasty. See below:

from left: egg white omelette with eggplant, spinach and havarti, salsa verde, and sriracha sauce

from left: egg white omelette with eggplant, spinach and havarti, salsa verde, and sriracha sauce


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