summer salad.

Last we spoke, I was considering a shift to outdoor running. I usually entertain an idea for 6+ months, and then I seriously consider taking myself up on my offer. This time my turnaround was about a week. Someone’s evolving.

There’s an outdoor track a few blocks from my apartment, and it’s my new favorite place to be ever. It rivals a Free People sample sale. The track sits alongside the East River and attracts some pretty nice looking shirtless boys. Even better, it surrounds a field where I witnessed the most adorable soccer game yesterday. Imitation suburbia is the best.



After my run, I laid down in the grass and willingly did crunches. The photo to the right is totally jacked from Google images, but that’s pretty much how I looked after. But, you know, sweatier. And with a fair amount of dirt coating the back of my shirt.

I left the track and ran most of the way through Alphabet City, and went through the farmer’s market. After helping myself to lots of free samples, I picked up a couple of Crispin apples. Those apples are pretty much the size of my head – and I have a sizeable head – and they were only $0.75 apiece. They weren’t TJ’s cheap, but I get this annoying sense of pride from buying local. As long as I can stop myself from shelling out $12 for cinnamon honey (I regret nothing), I end up saving somewhat.

I went home and put together this sweet little summer salad. I started with arugula, and then I chopped some apples and sliced some strawberries. I added feta, balsamic vinegar, pepper, and the obligatory slice of baguette. It was so delicious; I had to share. See below:

summer salad with apples, strawberries and feta

summer salad with apples, strawberries and feta


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