tabbouleh and fish tacos.

I’m not usually a proponent of short-term anniversaries, but this is the third straight week that my track and I have been together. I may celebrate with some sort of homage to the track. Maybe a long overdue iPod holder since I broke the clip on mine more than a year ago and have since been running with it in my sports bra? I don’t want to go all out, but I do think it’ll do wonders for my track rep.

Outdoor running totally has the potential to transform one’s body in half the time of gym cardio stuff. I have little to no legit proof of this, but I’m convinced I see effects much sooner. In order to expedite the beach body in my sights, I have decided to eat a little lighter. Cue last week’s tabbouleh.

I’ve always loved Mediterranean food, and I was all hopped up on this awesome episode of No Reservations I saw last week. Anthony was in Greece, and there was this hilarious part in which he went to the hills of Crete with a bunch of men to slaughter a lamb. They shot it, salted it, filled the small intestine with its spleen, and then roasted it over a fire. If I wasn’t a vegetarian before….Then, they ate it cavemen-style (no utensils, no mint jelly, etc.), and drank what looked like quarts of alcohol each. Then, they played with handguns for a while, and wrapped up the day with some highly effeminate ritualistic dancing.

I was inspired, so I decided to make tabbouleh. What? That’s a natural transition. Trader Joe’s was all, “bulgur what?”, so I had to make it with couscous, though. I chopped mint and parsley, cherry tomatoes and cucumber, and tossed that into the mix. I added a few lemons, salt and pepper, and then stuffed the mix into a toasted whole wheat pita with some feta cheese:

pita stuffed with tabbouleh and feta

pita stuffed with tabbouleh and feta

It was pretty delicious, and it really didn’t get old after five straight days. Impressive.

There was nothing spicy about it, though, so come this week I got the shakes from cayenne withdrawal. It happens. I decided to make fish tacos with mango-jicama slaw, because I’m fancy.

I found some cheapo mahi-mahi at TJ’s which was excellent, but I could not find a jicama any which way. I was so unwilling to compromise my mango-jicama slaw, because that would have really destroyed my fancy factor. Long story short, I had to hit up Whole Foods and shell out like $5 for a 2 pounder. It was absurd:

a jicama

a jicama

I hate to do anything without involving my panini press, so I decided to grill the fish on it. If that thing doesn’t have a million different uses, I don’t know what does. I seasoned the fillet with old bay seasoning, salt, pepper, lime juice, and delicious cayenne pepper. Then, I grilled it for five minutes max. It smelled amaaaazing.

Meanwhile, I chopped up some mango and jicama into thin strips. I grilled a low-carb wrap (don’t knock it), and then cut the fish into strips as well. Then, I topped the whole thing off with this great corn chile salsa stuff from TJ’s.

All the flavors/textures blended so amazingly well together. Also, it was pretty easy on the eyes. Some dishes DO have it all. See below:

fish taco with mango-jicama slaw and corn chile salsa

fish taco with mango-jicama slaw and corn chile salsa


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