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seared Ahi tuna and roasted potatoes.

Last weekend, I hoovered in a few thousand excess calories in Florida. I got off the plane, and my dad was all, “Want some homemade bread? Nine pieces, did you say? Here, have some butter. I just made some cheesy vegetable and potato dish if you’re interested. Save room for dessert!” I returned to NYC all food coma-ed out, and proceeded to double up on the gymming to even out my life.

In my dad’s defense, everything was relatively healthy that weekend. After a day of barbecuing at a family friend’s house, my mom and I wanted a little something for dinner. He made these adorable eggs in baskets:

my dad's eggs in baskets

my dad's eggs in baskets

I, like, licked my plate and then had a bigass bowl of ice cream. I have no portion control in swing states. Ahem, Texas.

In between bites I DID manage to run the lake that I love so. Also, I got to swim for probably the second time this year, and that’s my favorite exercise in life. Any sport in which I can impersonate the Little Mermaid (stop judging me) AND do handstands is pretty much ideal to me.

Speaking of fish (worst segue ever), I made some Ahi tuna last week that turned out kind of gorgeous. I’m not sure if this is necessarily encouraged by the FDA, but I defrosted a frozen fillet and then seared it. I didn’t get violently ill afterward, so that’s a success as far as I’m concerned.

I coated the fillet in lemon juice and olive oil, and my beloved threesome of salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. I seared it in a pan for about a minute and a half on each side, until it looked like this:

seared Ahi tuna

seared Ahi tuna

Meanwhile, I bought this mix of potatoes at TJ’s, that included but were not limited to Yukon Gold, red potatoes and new potatoes. Unless red potatoes and new potatoes are one in the same? I honestly don’t know, and I’m MUCH too lazy to look into this, so just play along, please.

I chopped them into cubes, and then tossed them in some olive oil and dried herbs. I used rosemary, thyme and basil, and then I added salt and pepper. But of course. They went in my toaster oven at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes, and they came out totally tender and ready to go.

I chopped about half of my fillet and served it on top of some arugula, and then I dressed it with that champagne pear vinaigrette. It has Gorgonzola cheese in the dressing, which I’m usually opposed to. It really got along with my other flavors, though, so I was pretty into it. Anyways, see below:

seared Ahi tuna on arugula, herb roasted potatoes

seared Ahi tuna on arugula, herb roasted potatoes

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