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Back to Paleo

Remember how several months back, I was all “I’m going Paleo! Who needs grains and dairy? The Agricultural revolution was bollocks! (see me “acclimatizing” to the UK? That’s how they say “acclimate” for those of you stateside. And “bollocks” means “balls”).” And then I abruptly followed that strong sentiment with a pendulum swing back to cheese’s open arms and surrounded myself with my favourite carby companions, polenta and focaccia.

Such a hypocrite.

Well, the pendulum has swung yet again, fair readers, for I am here to announce my return to Paleo. Image

I’ve tried for months (ahem, years) to balance my love of the finer foods with my unwavering dedication to fitness, but it seems as though no amount of continuing to eat whatever the hell I want while spending increasing amounts of time at the gym allows me to reach my fitness goals. Shocking, right?

And so, sadly, the food must be regulated. Turns out the so-called “Caveman Diet” appeals to me, since I’m anti-processing foods (unless it’s chorizo! Heavenly) and refuse to believe that ingredients I can’t pronounce aren’t toxic to ingest and totes cause cancer with prolonged ingestion.

Ok, I’ll descend from my soap box. I really enjoyed it up there – amazing views!

I made this lovely salad with a lean barbecue spice-rubbed beef I found at Waitrose:Image

It’s just chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, capers, olive oil and balsamic vinegar over mixed greens, so a recipe breakdown feels slightly unnecessary. I pan fried the beef in a cast iron skillet for 2-3 min each side on high heat. Delicious.

I cross checked with my trainer to make sure I was doing Paleo correctly, since there’s quite a lot of misinformation being propagated about what foods are acceptable and which will destroy your weight loss efforts with an unwieldy spear. I care not for said spear, and so I fired 10,000 questions at the expert.

I emerged better informed. It turns out fat and protein are preferred sources of satiety, while carbs should really only come from green vegetables that can be eaten raw (ie broccoli, spinach, cucumbers = great! beets, potatoes, root vegetables = spear) and berries. Other fruits like apples, tangerines and bananas? Spears, and I’ve been consuming those in droves. Droves, I tell you.

Moving forward, I’m prioritizing fatty meats.

Enter – the chicken thigh. HOW good is the chicken thigh? I’ve spent years blindly supporting the breast (teehee) and all along the thigh has been waiting in the wings (ha!) just patiently waiting to be noticed. I’ve more than made up for my negligence, since the bulk of my diet is chicken thighs, salmon and eggs now. I roasted some the other day with a sweet onion and some oyster mushroomsImage

I coated the chicken skin with oregano and thyme, salt, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil, and roasted them on 180 Celsius for about 40-50 minutes.

I roasted four thighs at a time and ate half for dinner, half for the next day’s lunch. I included a photo of the whole family at the bottom, because I thought they looked just lovely tucked into their bed of onions and fungi. So cozy.

Tonight, I made another version of my roasted chicken thighs. This time I tucked them into a bed of broccoli and whole garlic cloves, and patted the skin with paprika, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil.Image

I roasted them in a 180 degree Celsius oven for 40-50 minutes. So simple and tasty, although I wish I had lemon because I’d have roasted them right alongside those thighs. Would just have made them spoon in that roasting pan, all in the name of citrusy, fresh flavour. Next time, Gadget.

Week one of Paleo is down, and I’m thinking I’ll keep it up for one month or until I see my hard body goals come to fruition – whichever comes first. Then I’ll gradually add back in all the fruits I could ever want (insert evil laugh here) and probably allow some dairy into my life. Until then, enjoy this sultry view of me and the chicken thigh sauntering into the sunset…



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